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Phrag and Paph seedlings are sold by leafspan (from tip to tip of the largest pair). The leafspan listed is the minimum size and in many cases the plant will actually be larger than listed. For near blooming size (NBS) and blooming size (BS) plants, leafspan may not be given. Pot sizes are not given for phrags and paphs but generally larger leafspan sizes indicate larger pots as well.

For other seedlings in other genera, only the pot size is given due to varying growth habits. “MT” indicates a mounted plant. Select divisions, if available (request to be on emailed listings), are usually sold by the number of growths or pseudobulbs.


You can reach me by email with your order 24 hours a day. I do not recommend emailing your credit card number but I can hold your order until I receive a phone call with your card number or receive payment by check. Phone calls are most likely to be answered in the evenings or you can safely leave your credit card info on the answering machine. I advise checking on current availability of plants, best done by email, especially if you are mailing a check or your discount level may be affected. Please note the terms and conditions to follow.


1. Minimum order is $50. Orders will be shipped once payment is received.

2. Payment may be made by check, money order, Mastercard, or Visa.

3. Missouri customers please add 6.975% sales tax.

4. Domestic orders only at this time; no foreign orders.

5. Orders are shipped by Priority Mail (usually about 3 days) unless requested otherwise. For winter shipments we suggest overnight service or we will hold until the weather moderates. Shipping and packing charges for Priority Mail are normally $15 for the first plant (except for very large plants) and $1-3 for each additional plant, depending upon box size needed & distance shipped. Large orders, or orders with especially large plants will incur shipping charges exclusively based on box size used and distance shipped. If you prefer another shipping method than Priority Mail, additional charges may apply.

6. Discounts for this listing are as follows (except for Select Divisions, see #7 below):
                 5%    $150-$300
                10%   $301-$500
                15%   over $500

7. When Select Divisions, Compots and Flasks are available, no discount may apply if stated as such. However, any orchids with no discount will count toward total purchase discount level with the appropriate discount applied only to qualifying orchids.

8. Plant availability is subject to prior sales and this list cancels all previous lists and offers. For plants in limited supply please check on availability before sending payment. I reserve the right to limit quantities.

9. I make every effort to provide correctly named healthy plants and I guarantee your satisfaction upon receipt. Plants may be returned within 10 days for replacement or refund. Please notify me immediately if your plants are damaged in shipment. In the case of mislabeled plants I will do my best to make amends.

10. I cannot guarantee the future productivity or flower quality of any plants. Many of the crosses offered are speculative and it is impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of hybrid crosses. My descriptions for crosses are my best guess.

If you email or mail your order please include the following info:
        Name and address; "Ship to" address, if different.
        Items and sizes (if more than one size available); quantity if more than one.
        If paying by credit card please phone in the card #, expiration date, and 3-digit code on back plus billing address for the card
              if different than the shipping address.

I will notify you of a ship date before sending your order if I have your email address.

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