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Bulbophyllum ambrosia. A relatively small growing bulbophyllum with white flowers, striped maroon. Sweetly fragrant, hence the name, & very unusual for a bulbo! 3”x6” mount, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum amplebracteatum. Bulb carunculatum-like successive blooming flowers with a near-black lip but with significant bronze to copper overlay in the sepals and petals. 5” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum annamense ‘Crownpoint’. Divisions of CCM/AOS awarded plant. Beautiful lavender speckled 3.5-4” umbels of up to 20 flowers per stem! BS, 6” pot,$25.

Bulbophyllum bicolor. A very pretty species with clusters of light yellow flowers striped magenta. 3.25” pot. BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum bicolor ‘Windy Hill’ AM/AOS. Division of a plant that also received a CCE/AOS. Clusters of light yellow flowers striped magenta. BS, 3.25” pot, $25.

Bulbophyllum carunculatum (‘Magnifico’ AM/CHM/AOS x sib). A beautiful Philippine species with successive blooming large golden yellow flowers with a dark red-black lip. The lip is covered with small lumpy growths (caruncules) which give the plant its name. Extremely nice! Not stinky; one of my favorites! 6” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum conchinchinense (=macranthum) ‘Rainbow’ CHM/AOS’. Abundant cream and yellow flowers heavily speckled maroon. 6” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum cruciatum (syn. Hapalochilus cruciatus). A compact growing plant with very small white and purple flowers. Not showy, just unusual. From New Guinea. 3.25” pot. BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum echinolabium. The species with huge (12” or more vertically) incredibly stinky star-shaped flowers! Successive bloomer so multiple flowers per stem. 5-6” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum fascinator. Long narrow greenish flowers borne singly and overlaid with purple-maroon and lots of fringes on the dorsal and petals. Very pretty! BS, 3.25” pot. $20.

Bulbophyllum frostii. Cute smaller growing bulbo with flowers shaped like little wooden Dutch shoes! Flowers are heavily spotted maroon with a darker maroon lip! 2.25”-3.25” pot, BS,$15.

Bulbophyllum grandiflorum (syn. burfordiense). Large beautiful light greenish bronze flowers with translucent whitish spotting on the sepals, sort of like windows! BS, 3.25” pot, $20.

Bulbophyllum grandiflorum ‘Yellowstone River’ AM/AOS. Cool flowers like the above grandiflorum with award quality! 2 sizes available, both BS 3.25” pot, $25; 5” pot, $35.

Bulbophyllum lilacinum ‘Crownpoint’, division of CCM/AOS plant. Tight sprays of flowers, white spotted red for a lilac-lavender appearance. Very pretty! 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum longissimum ‘Windy Hill’. Division of a species that has exceptionally long & spectacular lateral sepals that are near white with fine pink pinstripes running their entire length. Flowers can be 9” long; blooms in umbels. See Plate 48 in Emly Siegerist’s Bulbophyllum book for a photo of this clone! 3.25” pot. $50.

Bulbophyllum longissimum. Seedlings. See above description. 5” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum maximum ‘Rainbow’. Division of a CCM/AOS awarded plant. Tiny flowers open in a row along both sides of a flattened near black rachis. COOL! 6” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum maximum ‘Windy Hill’. Division of a CCM/AOS awarded plant. This one has yellow green flowers along a bright apple green rachis. The rachis is longer and wider than maximum ‘Rainbow’. Exceptionally nice! 6” pot, BS, $30.

Bulbophyllum medusae & medusae ‘Miami’ (division of CCM/AOS plant). This species is aptly named for the mythological Medusa! Wild and wooly! 3 to3.25” pots, BS, VERY LIMITED, $30.

Bulbophyllum monanthum. Small yellow flowers with red markings; similar in shape to Bulb dearei flowers but smaller and more numerous. Very limited. 6” plastic basket, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum mysorense. A mini plant from India with clusters of white flowers. 3.25”, BS. $15.

Bulbophyllum neilgherrense. Nice sprays of small coppery orange flowers. 5” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum patens ‘Rainbow’ AM/AOS. Starry wine red flowers borne singly. 5” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis. Spectacular species with large long strap shaped leaves and mottled maroon STINKY flowers!! A must-have for the Bulbo connoisseur. Divisions, many blooming size, are available in 7”, 8”, & 10” pots. $75 and up. Extra shipping may apply, depending upon size.

Bulbophyllum reclusum. Very long sprays of mainly orange flowers! 3.25”, $15 or 5”, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum rothschildianum ‘Windy Hill’ AM/CCM/AOS. Elegant umbels of cream colored flowers very heavily overlaid burgundy. Burgundy hairs on the dorsal & petals wiggle in the breeze! One of my very favorite bulbophyllums! 3.25” pot, BS division, $25.

Bulbophyllum scaberulum. A relatively small growing cute African species in the Megaclinium section that has many maroon flowers on a dark flattened rachis. 5” pot, BS. $20.

Bulbophyllum spiesii. Much like Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis but with “smooth” flowers instead of “textured” ones, and more rare in collections. Very stinky too! Blooming size divisions, $200 & up.

Bulbophyllum sulawesii. Spidery large insect-like green flowers with maroon to bronze overlay. Successive bloomer, so in bloom longer than many bulbos! 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum tridentatum ‘Windy Hill’ CBR/AOS. Many reddish brown flowers on a densely packed pendant inflorescence. 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum vaginatum ‘Windy Hill’s Goldilocks’, division of CCE/AOS plant. Bright yellow clusters of many flowers per inflorescence. Related to Bulb medusae, very cool! 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum wendlandianum. Umbels of long slender cream flowers heavily overlaid with red striping and hightlights! 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

We have a few other species available. If you are looking for something in particular please let us know and we can check the greenhouse.


Bulbophyllum A-doribil Boonyuen (Boon Bryson ‘Windy Hill’ x echinolabium ‘Windy Hill’). Compact plants with very dark colored flowers! 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum Cindy Dukes ‘D&B’ AM/CCM/AOS (rothschildianum x putidum). Elegant long flower clusters with deep burgundy stripes and garnet spots. 2”x6” MT (nice big plants overflowing their mount!), BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum Crownpoint ‘Algonquin’ AM/AOS. Most outstanding Bulbophyllum award winner in 2007. winner of the Bill Thoms award. 3” long umbellate flowers heavily spotted with red-maroon, with a red-purple lip! Division, 5” pot, BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum Doris Dukes ‘Bill’s Best’ AM/AOS (fascinator x rothschildianum). Elegant long dark wine colored flowers, usually 2 per inflorescence. 2”x6” MT (nice big plants overflowing their mount!), BS, $25.

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’ FCC/AOS (longissimum x rothschildianum). Two of the most gorgeous species combine to make this spectacular awarded hybrid! Pendant umbels of many long reddish striped flowers! Very reliable fall bloomer. BS divisions. 6” pot, $35.

Bulbophyllum Hot Lips (pingtungense ‘Mem. Kokie Millard’ CBR/AOS x Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’ FCC/AOS). Medium pink to dark purple umbellate flowers with hot pink lips! Very nice! 2 sizes available. 3.25” pot, BS, $15 ; 5” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum Icicles (longissimum x pingtungense). Very light colored pendant pointed flowers, reminiscent of icicles, just not frozen! 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

Bulbophyllum Louis Sander ‘Crownpoint’ AM/AOS (longissimum x ornatissimum). Spectacular umbels of cream flowers with fine maroon striping and frequently a yellow lip make this a real beauty! 5” pot, BS, $20.

Bulbophyllum Melting Point (Doris Dukes ‘Bill’s Best’ AM/AOS x longissimum ‘Windy Hill’). Lovely long pendant flowers; 3-4 per stem; light green to cream flowers heavily spotted maroon & plum! BS, 3.25” pot, $15 ; BS, 5” pot, $20.

Bulbophyllum Sue Blackmore ‘Windy Hill’ (falcatum x purpureorachis). Division of a CCM/AOS awarded plant. Tiny yellow-green-cordovan flowers open in a row along both sides of an upright cordovan rachis! Unusual! Easy to grow and bloom! BS, 5” pot, $30.

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang (echinolabium x carunculatum). A wonderful relatively large growing hybrid with large yellow to yellow gold flowers with varying amount of burgundy overlay and a deep burgundy lip. Sequential bloomer so blooms for a relatively long time. 2.25” pot, $10.

Bulbophyllum (frostii ‘Greta Twee’ x annamense ‘Crownpoint’ CCM/AOS). A very small grower crossed with a relatively large grower should make a medium size plant with gorgeous umbels of purple to maroon flowers! 2” pot, $10.

Bulbophyllum (Melting Point ‘Mem. Sally Weiner’ AM/AOS x longissimum ‘Windy Hill’). Very long pink to plum pendant umbellate flowers! 3.25” pot, BS, $15 ; 5” pot, BS, $20.

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