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Paph appletonianum ('Windy Hill' AM/AOS x 'Harford's Hainanense II' HCC/AOS). Exceptional silvery green mottled foliage; elegant pink & green flowers on tall stems.15+cm ls. $15 ; 20+cm ls, BS, $20.

Paph argus ('Windy Hill' x self). A maudiae type species with mottled foliage, a green/white dorsal, spotted petals. Very nice and not often seen. 8+cm ls. $15.

Paph callosum ('Perfect Circle' x 'Vini Beauty'). A beautiful and shapely purple, green and white flower with nicely mottled foliage'..'..18-20 cm ls, NBS, $20.

Paph charlesworthii fma. album ('White Knight' x 'Gigantic'). Both parents are true albino. White Knight is very flat and great form; Gigantic is almost 9cm ns with 6.5cm dorsal! 25+cm ls, at least 2 growths, BS, $75.

Paph curtisii var. sanderae ('Windy Hill' x self). The album form of this beautiful Sumatran species with green and white flowers. 8+cm ls. $15.

Paph dianthum ('Windy Hill' x 'Windy Hill II'). Nice multifloral species with green/white/bronze flowers and nicely twisted petals. 12+cm ls, $15.

Paph haynaldianum ('Ron x self) or ('Purple Wings' x 'Ron'). A beautiful multifloral with a very pleasing blend of colors, green, rose, and mahogany'.'.20+cm ls. $25.

Paph henryanum ('Superspots' x 'Windy Hill'). Small-growing species. Flowers pink and green with chocolate spotting on the sepals and petals. Very beautiful! 12+cm ls. $15.

Paph lowii var. album ('Albino Beauty' CHM/AOS x self). The first to bloom have been albino. These are easy growers which grow very upright, and are about as tall as they are wide. 25+cm ls. $50.

Paph malipoense ('Grant's Chasus' AM/AOS x self). The beautiful green parvi type paph that blooms on tall stems! 6-8cm ls. $15.

Paph spicerianum ('Huge Hat' x 'Gigantic'). A greenish yellow flower overlaid with varying shades of bronze; elegant large white dorsal with a distinct central maroon vein; petals very undulate on upper margins. Very distinctive and cute! 25+cm ls. BS. $20.

Paph tonsum ('Windy Hill' AM/AOS x self). Mostly olive green flowers with some darker spots/speckles on the petals. Pretty mottled foliage. 12+cm ls, $15.

Paph urbanianum ('Windy Hill' x self). A maudiae type species with mottled foliage. Flowers green, white and purple-red. 12+cm ls. $15.

Paph venustum ('Windy Hill' x 'Standing Tall'). Beautiful dark mottled foliage; the 'varicose' veined pouch paph! 14+cm ls, $15.

Paph venustum var. album (=var. measuresianum) ('Windy Hill' HCC/AOS x self). Nice mottled foliage, flowers green/white/yellow; pouch has green 'varicose' veins! 2 sizes available; 12-15cm ls, $15 ; 20+cm ls. BS, some have bloomed, $25.

Paph villosum ('Fox Valley' AM/AOS x 'Y'). Very glossy single yellow-green flowers overlaid with areas of reddish brown. Very vigorous seedlings! 25+cm ls, NBS, $25.

Paph villosum ('Windy Hill' AM/AOS x self). Flowers as above, also very vigorous! 15-20cm ls, $15 ; 25+cm ls, NBS, $20.

Paph virens (=javanicum var. virens) ('Windy Hill' x sib). A pretty mottled leaf paph with mostly green flowers and pinkish coloration in the petal tips. 8+cm ls, $15.

A few other species are available in very limited quantities. Inquire if you are looking for something in particular.


Paph Greta Kooiker (Shin-Yi's Pride 'Windy Hill's Favorite' AM/AOS x parishii 'Green Spiders'). We made and registered this hybrid several years ago with a different Shin-Yi's Pride. This S-Y's Pride is even better! Flowers had cream colored sepals veined maroon, lightly overlaid rose pink, petals overlaid & spotted maroon, pouch olive green veined maroon. Very nice! The name comes from our dog Greta, a Kooikerhondje, or Kooiker for short. If you are a dog person and not familiar with the breed, look it up. Super breed!! 15+cm ls. $15.

Paph (Greta Kooiker 'Windy Hill' AM/AOS x parishii 'Green Spiders'). The above hybrid crossed back onto parishii to make more green flowers with more flowers per stem. 15+cm ls. $15.

Paph (Kolosand 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS x Angel Hair 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS). Yellowish flowers with chocolate stripes and spots and nice long petals! 35+cm ls. $30.

Paph (Kolosand 'Sweetie-P-Pie' AM/AOS x Prince Edward of York 'Windy Hill'). Similar to the cross just above but with more rothschildianum in the background. 35+cm ls. $30.


Paph Barbara Larkin (armeniacum 'Birchwood' FCC/AOS x Fumi's Delight 'Barbara Ann's Butterbowl' AM/AOS). A big yellow paph with light yellow petal veining. 7+cm ls. $15.

Paph Bryce Larkin (Fumi's Delight 'Barbara Ann's Butterbowl' AM/AOS x micranthum 'War Eagle' HCC/AOS). Very light yellow to near white pouch, yellow green sepals and petals highlighted cordovan. Very pretty! 7+cm ls, $15.

Paph Emma Decker (Fumi's Delight 'Lemon Puff' x malipoense 'Grant's Chasus' AM/AOS)). A beautiful yellow-green parvisepalum type paph! 15+cm ls. NBS. $25.

Paph Fanaticum (micranthum 'War Eagle' HCC/AOS x malipoense 'Ruth' AM/AOS). Usually a cool combination of greens and pinks with heavily veined petals! 7+cm ls, $15.

Paph Fumi's Delight (micranthum 'War Eagle' HCC/AOS x armeniacum 'Birchwood' FCC/AOS). A yellow parvi with light maroon veining in the petals! 7+cm ls, $15.

Paph Puffy (Ho Chi Minh 'Windy Hill' x micranthum 'War Eagle' HCC/AOS). Should be a beautiful large pink paph with darker pink pouch! 7+cm ls. $15.


Paph Hawaiian Jewel (Hawaiian Illusion 'Strident Green' x Jewel Green 'Withdrawn'). Mostly green flowers with light cordovan pouches & varying amounts of petal spotting. 20+cm ls, BS, $15.

Paph Wardette's Charm (wardii 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS x Odette's Charm 'Mark's Joy'). These small seedlings will have either vinicolor or normal colored flowers. Both color forms have wonderful mottled foliage but the vini colored form also has incredibie dark purple coloration in the leaves! 12+cm ls. Normal coloration $15; vini coloration $15; Both color forms, 2 plants, $25.


These teacups are all primary hybrids (species x species) and have small growing parents on both sides. They will remain miniatures and are therefore especially good for growing under lights.

Paph Doll's Kobold (henryanum 'Windy Hill' x charlesworthii 'Regal'). A very nice primarily pink hybrid with pretty darker spotting on the dorsal sepal. 12+cm ls, $15.

Paph Feng Chun (purpuratum 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS x henryanum 'Superspots'). Probably a pinkish purple hybrid with some dorsal spotting produced here. 12+cm ls. $15.

Paph Wossner Helene (charlesworthii 'Regal' x helenae 'Windy Hill'). A pretty little hybrid with a mixture of burgundy and pink colors, perhaps with a touch of yellow' 12+cm ls. $15.

Paph Wossner Ministar (helenae 'Windy Hill' x henryanum 'Superspots'). A bright pink pouch on a green/yellow/bronze flower makes a pretty color combination! 12+cm ls, $15.

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