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Most jewel & painted-leaf orchids prefer shade, moderate to high humidity, with intermediate to warm temperatures. Many are grown for their foliage instead of flowers.

Anoectodes Charlotte’s Web (Anoectochilus brevilabris x Macodes petola). Olive green leaves with beautiful cream venation and netting. White flowers overlaid bronze. 2” pot, $14.

Cyclopogon lindleyanus ‘Silver Screen’ CHM/AOS. A beautiful miniature Ecuadorian terrestrial with green/silver striped leaves and green/white flowers on tall graceful stems' 3” pot, BS, $25.

Dossisia Dominyi ‘Judy’ AD/AOS (Dossinia marmorata var. dayii x Ludisia discolor ‘Sandstone’). Dark olive green leaves with yellow veins and heavy yellow green central rib; white flowers. 2” pot, $14.

Goodyera hispida. Greenish black leaves heavily veined & netted white; white flowers 2” pot, $14.

Ludisia discolor. The most commonly grown jewel orchid. Beautiful pinkish veins on olive-black leaves, many long lasting white flowers in the winter. 2.25” pot, BS, $10.

Ludisia discolor var. alba. Green leaves with gold. en silver veins and white flowers. A more petite grower than the normal color form. 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Ludisia discolor var. nigrescens ‘Ambrosia’ JC/AOS. Very dark leaves with very fine cream stripes. A smaller grower than the regular from of discolor. The wonderful thing about this plant is the strong hyacinth-like fragrance of the flowers! 2.25” pot, $12.

(Ludisia discolor x discolor var. alba). This was registered as Ludisia Lighting with dawsoniana as one parent, though dawsoniana is the same as discolor. It is much like the regular Ludisia discolor but a much smaller growing form which make is very special! 3.25” pot, BS. $20.

Ludochilus Poly (Anoectochilus formosanus x Ludisia Lighting). Greenish black leaves heavily veined & netted cream; flowers primarily white. 2” pot, $14.

Pelexia laxa. Beautiful variegated green/silver green leaves. Many green and white flowers on tall elegant stems! 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Sarcolexia Sea Foam (Sarcoglottis sceptrodes x Pelexia olivacea). Leaves are a beautiful combination of light and darker green. Flowers are green as well. 2” pot, $14

Stenorrhynchos glicensteinii. Many tubular very long-lasting red flowers. These leaves are basically painted only green. But the winter flowers are worth it! 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

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