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Brassia caudata var. alba ‘J.E.M.’ JC/AM/AOS. A relatively small growing Brassia with many spidery green to cream colored flowers. Very pretty! Division, 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Brassia rhizomatosa ‘Windy Hill’ CHM/CCM/AOS. A very floriferous Venezuelan species with spidery green flowers spotted chocolate. Division, 3.25” pot, BS, $20.

Calanthe kintaroi (syn. masuca) ‘LaRocaille’ CBM/AOS. A gorgeous evergreen calanthe with dark violet flowers! One of my favorite orchids and my very favorite calanthe! 3.25” pot, NBS, $30.

Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata var. carnea (‘Lady Godiva’ HCC/AOS x ‘Kokie’ AM/AOS). The gorgeous pink lipped variety of this Brazilian species! 2.25” pot, $10.

Cymbidium erythrostylum. A very unique Vietnamese species with white flowers and a red-striped lip. 4” deep pot, NBS, $20.

Dendrobium crumenatum. The Thunderstorm Orchid. Blooms about 10 days after a significant drop in temperatures. Very fragrant white flowers but flowers very short-lived. 4” pot, BS, $18.

Dendrobium (Dockrillia) wassellii. A cute relatively small growing thick-leaved Australian species with many spidery white flowers. Prefers high light. 3”x6” MT, BS, 15.

Dendrochilum glumaceum. Beautiful sprays of very fragrant white flowers. 3.5” pot, BS. $15.

Dendrochilum magnum. One of the largest growing Dendrochilums with yellow green flowers and a slightly darker greenish orange lip. Mild pleasing fragrance. Very nice!. 3.25” pot, BS, $15.

Dendrochilum niveum ‘Windy Hill’ AM/CCM/AOS. Long sprays of very fragrant white flowers. 3.5” pot, BS, $25.

Dendrochilum curranii ‘Windy Hill’. Division of CCM/AOS plant. A very cute mini dendrochilum with many cream colored flowers easily creates a nice small specimen plant! 2.5” pot, BS, $20.

Dracula lotax. A relatively warmth tolerant Dracula commonly called the Clown Dracula. The flowers are mostly white with a little clown face inside and burgundy caudae! 2”x6” MT. BS. $15.

Leptotes bicolor. Mini plant with white flowers & a bright pink lip, BS 2” pot or 2”x3” MT, $12.

Malaxis calophylla. Beautiful deciduous leaves that are green tinted pink to reddish brown. Many yellow green flowers on reddish brown stems! 2” pot, $14.

Malaxis latifolia (=ophrydis). Green leaved deciduous species with a dense raceme of hundreds of maroon-red flowers! Buds on top are yellow green for a 2-tone look! 2” pot, $14.

Maxillaria reichenheimiana (‘Kaila’ CCM/AOS x self). On Tom Mirenda’s top 10 list of Maxillarias (Orchids magazine, April 2017). Can be very floriferous with straw colored flowers but mainly grown for the leaves that are marked with silvery polka dots! 3” pot, NBS, $18.

Maxillaria picta. Lovely fragrant Brazilian Maxillaria, with yellow/white flowers spotted maroon. Reliable winter bloomer. Very floriferous! BS, 3.25” pot, $15.

Maxillaria sanguinea ‘Windy Hill’. Division of CCM/AOS plant. A petite growing maxillaria with very long lasting red & yellow flowers with a hot pink and white lip. Very nice! 3” pot, BS. $15.

Maxillaria (Brasiliorchis) schunkeana. A really awesome miniature Maxillaria with near black flowers! One of my favorites! 2.5” pot, BS, $20.

Maxillaria tenuifolia. Usually called the “coconut orchid” due to its heavy coconut scent, this Central America species has beautiful dark red to red-orange flowers! 3 awarded varieties available, all in 2.25” pots, BS: 'Tower Grove’ AM/AOS, ‘Alisha’ HCC/AOS, ‘Edna’ HCC/AOS $15 each, or one of each variety for $40.

Mediocalcar decoratum. Orange and yellow flowers reminiscent of Candy Corn! Miniature plant can form dense mats and be very floriferous! 2.25” pot, NBS, $14.

Mexipedium xerophyticum. Divisions of this cute miniature Mexican slipper orchid with mostly white flowers. Available in assorted sizes. Inquire about size availability. Quantities very limited; one plant per customer. No discounts on this species but purchase count toward discount level on others. Very few single growth plants available. ‘Oaxaca’ CBR/AOS, $50 per growth ; ‘Windy Hill’ HCC/AOS. $60 per growth.

Ornithophora radicans. A miniature plant from Brazil with sprays of small white/green/maroon flowers. Easily forms a specimen plant. 2” x 6” MT, BS, $15 or 2.5” pot, BS, $15.

Phaius tankervilleae var.alba ‘Windy Hill’. Phaius tankervilleae is commonly called the Nun’s Orchid. Stunning green flowers with white lips! 3.25” pot, $15 ; 5” pot. BS. $20.

Phaius tankervilleae ‘Rabin’s Raven’ AM/AOS. Another Nun’s Orchid. A very large growing Phaius with strong upright spikes of mahogany flowers with burgundy lips; near white on flower reverse. 3.25” pot, $15 ; 5” pot. BS. $20.

Rhyncholaelia glauca (‘Tower Grove’ HCC/AOS x ‘Laurel’ AM/AOS) and reverse cross. A very nice winter bloomer with incredible light green waxy flowers! 2” pot, $10.

Scaphosepalum breve. A miniature plant from northern South America and the Andes regions. Prefers cool moist conditions. Multiflowered stems of small insect-like flowers that are always in bloom if happy! 3” pot, BS, $18.

Trichocentrum (formerly Oncidium) splendidum (‘Super S’ x ‘Bob’s Best’). A beautiful mule-ear type of Oncidium. Plants have very rigid thick leaves. Large bright yellow-lipped flowers are produced on strong upright stems! Likes lots of light to grow and bloom. 3.25” pot, NBS, $20.


Calanthe Pink Champagne (triplicata x dominii). Evergreen Calanthe divisons that have bloomed white with red/orange or yellow “eye” at base of lip. Very lovely spring bloomers! 4” pot, BS, $20.

Calanthe Pink Champagne ‘Windy Hill’s Bubbly’ AM/AOS. Like above but with light pink flowers; also a bit more compact grower than the other Pink Champagnes I have.3.25” pot, NBS. $30.

Cochleanthes Tsiku Chuchango (amazonica x Amazing). White flowers with brilliant blue lips!! 3-3.5” pot, $14.

Dendrobium Supernestor ‘Pinnacle’ HCC/AOS (Nestor x anosmum). Beautiful lavender flowers with a dark “eyes” on deciduous canes. Dry for several months in winter-early spring for April-May blooms! 5” pot, BS division. $20.

Phaius (Gastrophaius) Dan Rosenberg ‘Windy Hill’ (tankervilleae x tuberculosus). A division of a CCE/AOS plant. Flowers white overlaid rose with a yellow lip heavily overlaid rose.3.25” pot, $15 ; 5” pot, NBS, $20.

Phaius (Gastrophaius) Micro Burst ‘Wild Thing’ (Gastrorchis pulchra x Phaius tankervilleae). Pinky peach colored flowers with a purple red lip margins. Very pretty! 3.25” pot, $15; 5” pot, NBS. $20.

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