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It's past time for a new list, delayed by family health issues and the death of my husband, Brian. Thank you for your patience as I have gone through this difficult time. I truly appreciate your business, and your love for orchids, especially the slippers and weirdo Bulbos. I have quite a few other interesting orchids as well so check out my other choice species and hybrids.

I also put out flask/select division/compot lists occasionally by email, as I receive flasks from the lab or have divisions/compots available. Just let me know your name and email address if you would like to receive this listing.

I have had good luck shipping by the US Postal Service Priority Mail except during periods of extreme cold or heat, or during the December holiday period. Due to the shipping overload and delays then, I suspend Priority Mail shipments from Thanksgiving through Jan. 1. Winter shipping is as weather permits.

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