Sample of my many Power Point Presentation topics:
  • The Bee Orchids, the genus Ophrys, masters of sexual deception
  • The Orchids of Crete
  • The Orchids of the Island of Rhodes
  • The Orchids across the Mediterranean Region (based on two trips to Crete, 1 to Sicily and 1 to Rhodes.)
  • The Orchids of Ontario's Bruce Peninsula, a wildflower and fern paradise
  • The Orchids of Manitoba from Winnipeg to Churchill
  • The Orchids of the Great Lakes Region
  • Orchids from the headwaters of the Mississippi
  • Orchids of Ohio
  • Favorite Native Orchids across North America
  • Orchids of western China's rugged Sichuan Province, center of diversity for the slipper genus Cypripedium
  • Orchids of Northern Thailand during the late dry season
  • Orchids of Malaysian Borneo, in the footsteps of Alfred Russell Wallace

I retired at the millennium and have since used my time to form a mini-career as nature writer, photographer, lecturer and part-time instructor at a local community college in a seniors program. My articles and images appear in Facebook pages, journals for various nature and flower groups such as the Native Orchid Conference. Past President and journal editor for: The Native Plant Soc. of N.E.Ohio; the Indoor Gardening Soc.; and a nature photography club. Volunteer for the Cleveland Botanical Garden..

I have spoken to many orchid societies across North America.

My Facebook pages are:
Photogenic and favorite orchids of North America
Photogenic Wildflowers across N. A.
Photogenic orchids around the globe
Favorite wildflowers across Ohio
The Bee Orchids, the genus Ophrys, masters of sexual deception.

I do not bring or offer plants for sale.

I am willing to travel anywhere in North America.

My speaking fee would be $150 U.S. plus all travel and accommodation expenses getting to and from the host city. This can involve plane fare or driving expense depending upon distance and difficulty to and from Cleveland. I am always willing to stay with an orchid society member as my host to reduce costs to the host chapter. I welcome the opportunity at my expense to go out into the field with a local member to see your native orchids in situ.

My e-mail address is:   tomsam265l@hotmail.com

My mailing address is:   Thomas Sampliner
2651 Kerwick Road
University Heights, OH 44118

My telephone number is:   (216) 312-8558