A Comic Novel by Mary Motes

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ISBN: 0-9674343-2-7
Paperback   ·   311 pages

"... full of humor and wicked comedy" The Orchid Review

All the orchid business
"The Orchid Thief" left out!
   Orchid Territory book jacket

When Mark arrives to help at Orchid Empire during show time he has no idea that his aged aunt will present him to the South Florida orchid world as an orchid expert. Ignorant of even basic botany he must now escape detection by fanatic orchid lovers, business rivals, Rachel, the beautiful blonde biochemist and above all, the evil Regina. President of the Miami Orchid Club and owner of Orchid Magic, she is bent on stealing Charlotte's prize orchids and destroying her ramshackle Orchid Empire. But how to impersonate an eccentric orchid scholar from England? Aunt Charlotte said it would be a piece of cake: "Most Yanks think even standard Brits are pretty feeble and neurotic anyway. You'll be perfect, dear boy."

Mary Motes, VP of Motes Orchids. Motes Orchids was featured in The Orchid Thief.
Mary Motes knows her territory!

The author was born in England and met her husband, Dr. Martin Motes (before he became the world famous orchid grower) when both were teaching in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Returning with him to South Florida, she helped create Motes Orchids on five acres in Redland. Now Mary Motes has more awarded orchids named after her than anyone else, one of the latest being Vanda Mary Motes, Best in Show, at the World Orchid Conference, Dijon, 2005. Something that makes her feel she should try and wear things that don't wrinkle and at least get her nails done.

"In the curious, semi-closed world of South Florida's orchid growers, passions run high, politics are to the death and nothing is more important that the prizes at the Miami Orchid Expo. With her perceptive eye and vivid pen, the English author creates a charming story full of humor and wicked comedy. In among the orchids and the long knives of a decades-long feud are the glorious anthropological insights into social interactions among the characters of the author's world. There is also romance to keep us in suspense till the last page." The Orchid Review

The Author insists all the characters in Orchid Territory are purely imaginary except for Aunt Charlotte, who is based on Dame Judy Dench playing Queen Elizabeth the First and her grandmother playing herself.

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