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"Orchids of Thailand" - a travelogue of Thailand - includes images of different regions of Thailand, the scenery, the people, some of the orchid species found in these regions, and visits to a number of orchid nurseries and the orchids they specialize in. A culmination of six - 2 month trips to Thailand while working with the United Nations. 40 minutes (35mm slides or Powerpoint).

"Orchids, Whales & Polar Bears" - a presentation of images beginning with the wild orchids and scenics along the route from Winnipeg to Thompson and the train ride to Churchill. At Churchill - a combination of images of the fascinating landscape, the 10 species of orchids that grow there, and the array of wildflowers and wildlife including birds, whales and polar bears. The result of nine trips to Churchill in early July. 45 minutes (35 mmslides or Powerpoint)

"Orchids of the Prairie Provinces and British Columbia" - images of the wild orchids found from Manitoba to British Columbia and the habitats in which they are found. 40 minutes (35mm slides or Powerpoint)

Renumeration: travel expenses - (willing to stay with Orchid Society members)

Travel restrictions: none

Orchid Sales: occasionally Cypripedium seedlings (large & small yellow lady's-slippers) Canada only.