Dr. Joseph Arditti
8 Sunridge
Irvine, CA 92604

Phone: 949 559 4656
Fax: 949 559 4656 (will turn it on if requested to do so in advance)
E-mail address: jarditti@uci.edu

Topics for consideration:
  • History of Orchid Propagation
  • How Orchid Survive in Nature
  • What Controls the Flowering of oOchids
  • Orchids in Science Fiction, Mystery and Romantic Novels
  • Etnobotany of Orchids (how orchids are or have been used by different cultures)
  • Orchid Seed Germination (can be made technical or popular)
  • Resupination (scientific and technical)
  • Aging of Orchid Flowers (technical)
  • Begetting Orchids (X or R rated or worse; prepared it for April Fools day one year and gave it only once to my laboratory group)

    Background experience/biography: Ph. D. from the University of Southern California, Professor of Biology (1966-2001), University of California, Irvine; Professor Emeritus (present). Did research on orchids all my life. Numerous research papers, popular articles and books.

    Sales plants available: No.

    Costs and particulars: Honorarium, $150-200 for groups within one hour drive, $200-250 to groups within 2-3 hours drive and by arrangement for longer distances plus expenses if any.

    Current schedule: Fluid

    Recent past speaking engagements: Lectured all over the world.

    References: On request

    Open to additional presentations: Yes

    Going on tours: Sometimes. On several occasions a number of groups in a region have joined to pay for travel to more distant area. This works if their meeting are on successive days. Will go almost anywhere if all expenses are covered.