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Basic Guidelines for Speakers' Web Page Content

So, you are a speaker. What do you speak on? What's your experience? Got references? What do you cost? Have plants to sell? How far will you travel? What's your schedule?

All of these are valid questions which your page should contain answers to. They can be reasonably answered on a simple page or two, or by linking several of your existing pages together.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone/Fax Numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Topics for consideration
  • Background experience/biography
  • Sales plants available
  • Costs and particulars
  • Current schedule
  • Recent past speaking engagements
  • References
  • If you are open to additional presentations or are
    going to be on tour, indicate dates and locations
Add Your Link!

To add a link from the Speakers Page to your page related to speaking to orchid societies, please send your name, city, state, and a short list of the topics of your presentations to:

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