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We are looking for redesigns of the Pages, Banner and/or Icons for the "Imagination Mall" and the major pages of "The Orchid Mall." Unfortunately, neither of the Malls are revenue producing ventures, so we have no finances available for this effort.

However, for the designs we feel of value, in addition to using them for a period of time (not less than two weeks), we will provide the designer with appropriate credit and a link to their homepage or, if they do not have one, provide a space for it on our server. That is the "prize" for your work being selected.

Basic Design Considerations

The objective behind the Malls is to facilitate fast efficient location search and linkage. Quick loading of the Pages is extremely important, therefore, graphics should be kept to a minimum and/or small. Links, their descriptions where applicable, and location on the page, should be readily accessible. Theme should follow the thrust of the page content. Design may be for the Banners, Logos, entire Pages and/or Icons.

The pages are updated several times a month and should be constructed in such a way as to facilitate updating. We prefer not to use frames because of coding stuctures. Likewise, we prefer a minimum of java an scripts for simplicitiy and efficiency.


As noted, we cannot pay for the designs. Therefore, no submission, whether selected or not, will obligate us in any way for any payment or other consideration except as noted herewith. All designs become the property of Chadwick/Whitlow Enterprises and may be used in whole or in part, with appropriate credit given to the designer for Banner and/or entire Page design. Designs will not be sold nor exchanged for other consideration, except with designers consent, however they may be provided to others at no charge if desired by owner. Submissions will not be returned and only those with designs which will be used will be notified of their selection.

For a selected design, the designer's name will be noted in an appropriate place on the Page (it may be designed into it, if the designer designs the entire page) which will include a link to the designer's homepage. If the designer does not have a homepage, he may design one and provide it to us to load to our server for the link. We reserve the right to limit the size of the homepage and graphics we will load on our server.

We will select as many designs as we feel warrant displaying and will display each for no less than two weeks. We may decide to use a design for a longer period of time or indefinitely.


There are several ways to submit your designs. For Banners, Logos and Icons, submission should be in .GIF or .JPG format. Pages should be submitted with full HTML markup. If you have a server and can load the files to your server, send us the URL of their location and we will pull them from there. If you do not have this capability, they may be submitted to us on floppy disc or CD, preferably formatted for PC compatibles, to the address below. They may be transmitted directly to as e-mail attachments. Make certain you include your name, address, phone, FAX, e-mail address, and any other pertinent information.

Submit your material to:
Chadwick/Whitlow Enterprises
Attention: Carson E. Whitlow
22957 - 280th Street
Adel, IA 50003-4491 U.S.A.

Phone: 515/993-4841
Fax: (call first)

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