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Page Updated: 2024
Plants for sell/trade, Select NBS Paph. hybrid sales:
Paph. (Addicted Phillip x rothschildianum) - $60
Paph. (Anita Baby x roths) - $60
Paph. (gigantifolium x anitum) x sanderianum - $70
Paph. (Lady Isabel x randsii) - $60
Paph. (stonei x Johanna Burkhardt) - $60
Paph. Berenice album x philippinense album) - $60
Paph. Gary Romagna - $60
Paph. Hilo Black Eagle - $60
Paph. Hsinying Anita - $60
Paph. Lady Rothschild - $60
Paph. Yang-Ji Hawk - $60
Paph. Wossner Black Wings (rothschildianum ‘Mont Millais’ FCC/AOS x anitum ‘Popow’) - $60
Paph. rothschildianum x gigantifolium) x anitum ‘Ace’ AM/AOS - $60
E-mail: Thanh Nguyen at
Plants for sell/trade, Select NBS Paph. species sales:
Paph. phillppinense album dwarf breeding IN BLOOM/OUT of BLOOM 4 in pot - $80
Paph. phillppinense album (normal size) NBS 3-4 in pot - $45
Paph. rothschildianum ('Giant Wings’ x 'Pylo' AM/AOS) - $100
Paph. rothschildianum (King Kong’ x ‘Red Strain’) - $100
Paph. rothschildianum ('Mont Millais' FCC/AOS x ‘Red Blood’) - $100
Paph. stonei - $80
Paph. supardii (‘Dragon Dance’ x ‘Golden Boy’) - $80
Paph. supardii (‘Keoe’ x ‘Norito’) - $80
Paph emersonii BS 10in plus ls - $80
Paph. hangianum NBS 7 in ls - $100
E-mail: Thanh Nguyen at
In search of Cattleya mendelii 'Rybacyzk #3' AM/AOS, Cattleya schroederae 'Mother Lode' and Cattleya labiata 'Aruba' AM/AOS.
Please contact me at
Looking for replacements for everything I lost in my GH. I have sold and traded some plants with the cultivars - Cedarcrest , Harford, Loch Raven, and Sparrows Point. I am desperately trying to track down pieces of anything that may still be alive out there.
Looking for Lc. Pirate King 'Santa Maria', Lc. Maria Ozzella 'New Frontier' HCC/AOS and Lc. Amber Glow 'Bronze'/'Broze' AM/AOS. Please contact me at
In search of Aciopea Ecuagenera Passion, and also any other Aciopea hybrids. Any size plants.
In search of Dendrobium Angela (Orchid Roots info: Any size is fine but would somewhat prefer smaller divisions or possibly seedlings/keikis (if they exist) due to my limited grow space. Angela is a Den. tangerinum hybrid created in 1979 by D'Bush orchid nursery, which is no longer around. I'm attempting to collect orchids that share my name, and this one also happens to share the same 'birth' year. If you have a Den. Angela that you'd be willing to sell, please contact me at
Plants for sale:
-C. gaskelliana 'Blue Dragon' x self (established in a 6" pot).....$100.00
-C. guttata var leopoldii (established in a 7" pot).....$100.00
-C. intermedia var bergeriana - (rare & magnificent!- established in a 5" pot).....$50.00
(established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-C. intermedia 'VB' (established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-C. schilleriana 'Yardley's' AM/AOS x C. schilleriana (established in a 5" pot).....$50.00
-C. schofieldiana 'Exotic Orchids' AM/AOS x self (established in a 4" pot).....$25.00
-Den. aphyllum (established in a 4" basket).....$25.00
-Den. thyrsiflorum (large plant established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-Enc. adenocaule (established in a 4" basket).....$25.00
Prices do not include cost of shipping (USPS Priority). Photos will be provided upon request.
Please contact me at:
2 Phal George Vasquez 'Crystell' FCC/AOS in 6-inch pots $50@
Dtps Queen Beer 'Hot Pink' 6-inch pot $35
Den Johnathan's Glory 'Dark Joy' 6-inch pot $35
Den Specio-kingianum 'Crystal' 6-inch pot $60
Eulophia petersii 6-inch pot $40
2 Enc phoenicea 'SVO Hot Lips' x 'ChocoMilk' AM/AOS $30@
Looking for FS healthy division of Ctna.Brandi 'O.C.'.
Looking for a few old Paphiopedilum hybrids such as Paph. Gwen Hannen, Paph. Gwenpur and Paph. Paeony 'Regency'.
Please contact me at
Listed below are the pleiones that I can offer at this time. Several are in limited quantities (less than 10). Shipping is a flat $10.Thanks.
Alishan, Deriba, Confusa �Golden Gate', formosa alba �Claire�, formosa �Verdi�, Giacomo Leopardii, humilis, maculata, x-taliensis, Ueli Wackernagel �Pearl�, Vesuvius $ 20.00
formosana, praecox $15.00
Aurantakew x tripetaloides (2 �� only), Cape St. Francis, Issy Klein, Kewensis and uniflora�..2 ��-$15; 3 ��-$20.00.
Serapias lingua, strictiflora�$10;
Pterostylis curta�$12.50; Pter. curta �KeunHee� AM/AOS�$15.00; Pter. concinna�$15;
Spathoglottis ixioides (Pleione culture) $15.00;
Tainia hookeriana $20; and Thunia alba $20.
Shipping to depend on size of order and weather outlook.
Burnt Bridge Creek Nursery
I'm looking for the real Paph callosum, not vinicolor nor half vini, not sublaeve, nor barbatum. Orchid Inn had nice seedlings but they went out of business. Must be someone who has a few? Email with info or offer, please.
ISO Stanhopea Ronsard, Stanhopea Assidensis and Stanhopea Penelope.
Please contact
Paphiopedilum niveum - 3 inch leafspan - $30 CDN
Paphiopedilum delenatii - 3 inch leafspan - $30 CDN
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum NBS - 16 inch leafspan - $100 CDN
Paphiopediilum stonei 'Tessa' 1 BS and 1 new growth $250 CDN
Paphiopediilum stonei 'Tessa' 1 BS $100 CDN

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