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Page Updated: 2023
Disa Availability:
Auratakew x tripetaloides; California Gold 2½” only; Cape St. Francis; Diores; Glascow Orchid Conference
Golden Age; Issy Klein; Kewensis; Kirstenbosch Pride; uniflora; uniflora Yellow 2½” only
Quantaties are limited. Prices are $25 for 3½ +“ pots; $12.50 for 2½” pot.
Other terrestrial orchids:
Serapias lingua…$10; Serapias strictiflora…$10; Pterostylis curta…$12.50
Pter. curta ‘KeunHee’ AM/AOS…$15.00; Tainia hookeriana….$20; Thunia alba….$20
Shipping costs determined by order size. Contact Greig Warner, at
ISO Cymbidium Phar Lap or Mad Doctor. Please contact
ISO Stanhopea Ronsard, Stanhopea Assidensis and Stanhopea Penelope.
Please contact
Seeking outstanding clones of:
-C. aclandiae
-C. granulosa
-C. schilleriana
-C. schofieldiana
Please contact James Johnson at
Plants for sale:
-C. gaskelliana 'Blue Dragon' x self (established in a 6" pot).....$100.00
-C. guttata var leopoldii (established in a 7" pot).....$100.00
-C. trianae sangredetoro 'Original' (established in a 7"pot).....$100.00
-C. intermedia coerulea 'Fuerte Blue' HCC/AOS (4-bulb bare root division).....$50.00
-C. intermedia [very rare variety but name unknown at the moment due to faded label] (1 3-bulb bare root division).....$50.00
        (2 4-bulb divisions)...$75.00 each N.B. Photo of flowers will be provided
-Den. thyrsiflorum (large plant established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
Prices do not include cost of shipping (USPS Priority).
Photos will be provided upon request.
Please contact me at:
Paphiopedilum niveum - 3 inch leafspan - $30 CDN
Paphiopedilum delenatii - 3 inch leafspan - $30 CDN
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum NBS - 16 inch leafspan - $100 CDN
Paphiopediilum stonei 'Tessa' 1 BS and 1 new growth $250 CDN
Paphiopediilum stonei 'Tessa' 1 BS $100 CDN
Plants for sale:
-C. guttata var leopoldii 'Orchidglade' AM/AOS (established in a 4"pot).....$50.00
-C. intermedia var orlata 'Rio' AM/AOS (established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-C. intermedia 'VB' (established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-C. leuddemanniana var coerulea (established in a 5" pot).....$65.00
-Den aphyllum (established in a 4" basket).....$25.00
-L. purpurata 'Cindarosa' (established in a 6" pot).....$75.00
-L. purpurata (light lavender sepals & petals with dark lip- established in a 4" pot, ready for potting up).....$65.00
Prices do not include cost of shipping (USPS Priority).
Photos will be provided upon request.
Please contact me at:
For Sale:
C. Powhatan ‘Meadowlark’ 4gr $500 arguably the best clone of the cross
C. Hardyana semi-alba ‘Gipsy Queen’ $350 5gr
Looking for someone who has or would be willing to grow Cattleya Madeleine Knowlton, originated by R.Kiesewetter in 1954. It is a cross of C. Bow Bells x C. Joyce Hannington. E-mail:
Seeking to find Papilaenopsis Memoria Clarence Burkhalter.
Available for shipping beginning May - Coerulea type Cattleyas and other “classic” Cattleyas - divisions of Cattleya gaskelliana ‘Blue Dragon’, Grezaffi’s Blue ‘Shawn’, Lc Alarcon ‘Gran Blue Jeanne Marie’, Canhamiana ‘Cobalt’, lueddemaniana v. Coerulea, Blue Boy ‘Gainesborough’, maxima var coerulea (four different clones), and numerous other mature divisions of coerulea types. Mature divisions of large bifoliate Catt divisions including Little Susie ‘Creve Coeur’, Molly Tyler FCC, Portia ‘Mel, Portia ‘Gloriosa’, and more . ALSO large to blooming size seedlings of several Cattleya coerulea crosses.including remakes of Lc C.G. Roebling. Call or text 218-821-3556. Or Email for details, prices, and shipping information, etc. Photos available.
SENTINELORCHIDS is publishing its unique 2023 catalog. It is composed of 23 pages of orchid offerings with pictures and individual information. The plants are all tested and represent as close as you can come to virus free. Specializing in Cattleyas with other mixed genera. As an added attraction there are 19 pages of GROWING TIPS including several other cultural sections. We have a special group of succulents mainly in Haworthia focusing on variegated and patterned forms in limifolia, attenuata, fasciata, and reinwardtii groups. Please remember that most plants are limited to one or two divisions. We have heat packs but prefer to ship in moderated weather starting in April. Enjoy the catalog and hope the cultural information advances your growing results. You can access the catalog on and reach us by phone at 610-688-8528.
Looking for BLC Hillary Rodham Clinton
Looking for division or large plant of:
Lc Magic Sails ‘Symphony’ from Stewart’s breeding program
Looking for:
- Angcm. Cloud's Christmas Cradle
- Angcm. Lmf. Wht. Beauty X Angcm. magdalenae (blooming size)
- Blc./Rlc. Sanyang Ruby ‘New Beauty’ (blooming size)
- Very fragrant Zygopetalums (blooming size)
Please contact me at:
Vanda (Papilionanda) Cindy Banks   Seeking named clones of this hybrid.
Please contact or Phone 936.520.6631 Texas.
Seeking heirloom phals such as Golden Sands “Canary”, the various Orchid Worlds, Renee K Freed. Etc.
Please contact or Phone 936.520.6631 Texas.
Disa and Pleione availability list from Burnt Bridge Creek Nursery,
Looking for Cattleya mossiae. If available for sale, please contact me at:
Epidendrum clone hybrids available at $14 each. Orange and pink available in tight bud. Multiple growth plants. Hawaii grown. Reduced shipping rates. Jungle Mist Orchids, E-mail:
Looking for Lc. Rojo "Barbara"   Please contact me at 214-763-2650 or email
I am searching for reichenbacia prints of habernaria, cattleya mossiae, cattleya skinneri, and also angraecum.
Please phone me at 239-248-1096 or email at

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