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Page Updated: 2017
Looking for Prosthechea radiata (Encyclia radiata) any size.
ORCHID MAINTENANCE. Have been growing and maintaining orchids for 27 years. I am looking for new customers in the Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida areas. I fertilize, fungicide, insecticide and groom the orchids.
Call me at 561-271-6131. Jane Maechtle
Slo Orchids specializes in species and unusual primary hybrids.
Below is our monthly Orchid Special for February 2017.
These selections are all blooming size and reflect a 25% reduction of their list price.
Please order using the secure shopping cart on our website,
Encyclia amanda $15.00
Epi. Belmont x Enc. cordigera var roseum $16.50
Epi. Belmont x Epi. cristatum $16.50
Epidendrum nocturnum $15.00
Epidendrum porpax $16.50

Looking for registered tolumnia hybrds or crosses with registered parents. Lost my collection in a thermostat failure last summer. I'd like to rebuild. Please contact Don Ghiz, or 713-302-5-0505.
Looking for Cymbidium goeringi at reasonable price. I am in Houston,Texas. E-mail address is
I am looking for epiphytic leafless orchids to add to my collection, particularly in the Dendrophylax, Chiloschista and Taeniophyllum genera, but would consider purchasing others providing they are small. I am an experienced leafless orchid grower willing to pay a fair price. Please email if you are willing to sell.
For trade: Cattleya warscewiczii v. coerulea “Angarita”, Original division. I have a 4 bulb original division with a new eye just started. Angarita is a fine clone with blue color in the segments as opposed to being white with a blue lip as most of the coeruleas are. I am interest in trading for quality Cattleya and Laelia species.
E-mail me for a plant photo.
Looking for terrestrial orchids, especially Phaius species ( I have Phaius tankervilleae, Phaius Flavus, and Phaius Mishmensis).
Looking for Hygrochilus parrishii, Cycnodes chlorochilon, Dendrobium cinnabarinum, Dendrobium peguanum, Baptisonia Echinata, Dressleria eburnea, and Braemia vittata.
Here is my latest list of plants and books available at this time: List
ISO Cattleya Jocasta (primary hybrid of C. mossiae and C. schroderae) and Cattleya mossiae (standard pink-flowered variety). Prefer adult or near-adult plants, but seedlings acceptable.
Please contact
I’m looking for Phalaenopsis orchids for fairly cheap. Trying to get back in to growing and if you have an abundance or some just taking up space, I’d gladly pay to take them off your hands. Size doesn’t matter, compot, seedling, bs, anything. Let me know what you have available and price.
Looking for a red vanda: 50th state beauty.
Phone 989-642-5351, E-mail:
We want to remind you that Peruflora will be attending the Tamiami International Orchid Festival 2017, to be held between January 13th and 15th. This is the first and great opportunity of the year 2017 for you to order Andean and Amazon Orchids from us, for plants to be picked up at the Show, or being sent by postal service to you.
Last day for preorders is January 4th, 2017. Orders will be accepted under the first-come, first-served basis. Please feel free to forward this list (zip file) to your friends and members of your society.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further questions.
Looking for plant of Clowesia glaucoglossa.
I am looking for Dendrobium Suzanne Neil, any size or division.
E-mail:, or 713-305-0505.
Angraecum sesquipedale, the comet orchid, aka darwin’s orchid; plants aren’t yet huge, IN SPIKE though, to bloom in January. 6 inch pots, three available, $45 each + $8 to ship in continental US only. The night fragrance is powerful, the star shaped flowers about six inches in diameter, and the spur hangs down about twelve inches. Spectacular.
Looking for: Vanda (Ascda) John De Biase ‘Fuchs Indigo’ FCC/ AOS.
Contact me at and put ORCHID in the subject line.
Canada only …Looking for bs these orchids..
- Cymbidium erythostylum
- Renanthera imschootiana
- Renanthera phillipenensis
- Vanda coerulea (blue and/or pink clone)
- Ascocentrum amphyllaceum (pink and/or orange clone)
Contact me at thanks
Does anyone have or know a source for Kirchara Sundance?
Searching for reasonably priced divisions of Lc. Tropical Sunset ‘Oceans Heaven’ and Lc. Fame and Glory ‘Archetype’.
Please email Rob at and put ORCHID on the subject line.
Old growth rescued Cypripedium clumps (2-5 stems).
Cyp. reginae @ $25/stem
Cyp. pubescens @ $20/stem
Cyp. parviforum @ $15/stem
Shipping Oct 15 - April 15
Inquire for larger clumps or quantity order.
Wildland Management Company
MN Dept. Ag. Certificate # 201386637
Cattleya species for sale, last plants for the year. C. Lueddemanniana "Stanleyi" FCC/Rhs original div. $85, lueddemanniana "santa Barbara"$40, warscewiczii "bob brooks" s/a $75, gaskelliana "equilab" s/a $40, purpurata "schusteriana " am/Aos $45, percivalliana "jewel" $35, Mendelian "Carlos arango" $50, shipping $15 up to 3 plant, please contact

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