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The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society
A small group of people with a big love of growing orchids.

The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society (formerly the Iowa City Orchid Society) has been meeting since January 1991. Don't let the "society" part of our name turn you off! We are an affiliate of the American Orchid Society so we call ourselves a "society" rather than a "club." We hold regular meetings and participate in orchid shows in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. In 2012, we hosted our club's very first orchid show!

We are a small group of 30+ paid members. The members in our society are from extremely varied walks of life. Members range in age from 20 to 80 years, and are university students, professional people, retirees, and homemakers. Our members live in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding communities. Some members have a few orchids and others have hundreds of orchids. Some have been growing orchids for only a few months and others for years. Many grow orchids on their windowsills or under lights, and a few have greenhouses. Some specialize in growing certain types of orchids.

We have such varied backgrounds and interests, but why did we start meeting and why has our group continued? We all have one thing in common - we enjoy orchids and want to learn more about growing them and getting them to bloom.

Come join us at our next meeting. We meet the first Tuesday of the month from September through May at the First Presbyterian Church, 2701 Rochester Ave., Iowa City, IA. Our meetings begin with social time at 6:30 pm, followed by the official meeting at 7:00 pm. During the social hour, members bring in their blooming plants to show. Our meetings feature presentations on various types of orchids, different methods of growing orchids, and conservation of native orchids. Sometimes we have special guest speakers who bring plants for sale. Refreshments are served. If you decide to join the society, membership dues are $15 per year for individuals, $20 per year for couples. During the holiday season, we have a party at which each member in attendance receives a gift orchid.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!

2013-2014 Eastern Iowa Orchid Society Officers:
Lois Dusdieker, President, (319) 626-2236, E-mail: or
Jim Quaintance, Vice President, (319) 624-2758, E-mail:
Kristine Sigsbee, Secretary & Newsletter Editor, (319) 545-8140, E-mail:
Cathy Wilcox, Treasurer, (319) 354-5879, E-mail:
AOS Representative: Laynez Ackermann, (319) 656-2063, E-mail:
Mid-America Representative: Nile Dusdieker, (319) 626-2236, E-mail:

We are a small but growing society and welcome all orchid enthusiasts. Be sure to contact us at if you are passing through the area and would like to visit or you would like to receive more information about our society.

EIOS Newsletter - The Spike, April, 2014 (PDF Format)

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