Political (and Other) Cartoons

On August 4th, 1999, I sent a note to the Orchidguide Digest, which appeared in Volume 01 : Number 032. This note asked for some assistance in developing a political cartoon. (At the bottom of the page is the body of that note.)

There has been several responses to this inquiry and three sent in their drawings. I personally want to thank these individuals for their fine work and contributions. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. These drawings are linked below:

"The Media View" by Sandy Ohlund
"The Media View" by Karen Nisbett
"The Media View" by Evan Muehlbauer (age 14)

I would also welcome other cartoons related to orchids, political or otherwise. They will be added to the above and linked as well. Please send the web address or graphic to me at the e-mail address below.

Carson E. Whitlow

Below is the submission to the Orchidguide Digest:
Is there someone among our orchid friends that may have experience with political cartoons? I would like someone to draw the following concept for me so that I can have it on the web and available for distribution to newsletters, newspapers, etc. Full credit would of course be given to the artist.

The concept:

The title of the cartoon would be: "The Media View" (or something similar)

Two identical panels, side by side, as background. A scene with a hillside with trees up near the top, curving down to a meadow filled with non-descript flowers. The flowers would be labeled "Endangered Species"

In the foreground of the left panel would be a man in jeans, shirt and hat, with a shovel in the ground digging seen from the rear. Next to him would be a bucket with a few leaves and flowers poking out of the top indicating that he had dug at least a couple of plants. This frame would be titled "Raping the Wilderness".

In the foreground of the right panel, again seen from the rear, would be a man on a bulldozer with the front huge bucket raised high containing dirt and lots of leaves and flowers. This frame would be titled "Progress".

To me, this expresses how the Media is quick to blame the individual for doing something wrong, especially environmentally or related to conservation, but are not willing to look at the great destruction done in the name of progress done by private industry, the utilities and all levels of government. It is easy to take on the individual, but difficult to take on big business or government, especially when if they are meeting a "need".

If someone could do this for me, I would greatly appreciate it (sorry, I can't pay you). The individual(s) will be given full credit for it and the URL of it on the web will be submitted to this forum.

Please send any submissions to:

Carson E. Whitlow
2291 - 280th Street
Adel, IA 50003

or e-mail it in electronic form to: slipperguy@aol.com

Thank you.